Rassam Ali and Rotherham child abuse scandal: Police’s failures are not over

Rassam Ali. A man who should not have gone to prison. But he did. A man who was not supposed to win an appeal and overturn his conviction. But he did.  A man who was chosen to show an example of what will happen to perpetrators involved in Rotherham child abuse scandal. But now he is just another name to include in miscarriages of justice statistics. Continue reading

 ​The case of Mark Carnelley: This is the amount of evidence to expect in every trial

A man has been jailed for a historical rape that occurred 26 years ago, The Telegraph reported last week. Mr Carnelley was caught after receiving a caution and having his DNA taken and stored on the national database. The court heard that the probability of the DNA not being his was less than one in a billion and, although he denied the crime at first, he eventually changed his plea to guilty. Continue reading