Jimmy Boyle: The aftermath

A former teacher Jimmy Boyle spent five years in prison for rape he did not commit and has been subsequently released following a successful appeal and a retrial. It has been six years since the conviction was overturned and Mr Boyle was released from prison, however he is still struggling to put his old life back together.

The General Teaching Council refused his application to become a teacher again due to the criminal accusations made against him, although he has been acquitted by the court. This case shows how a “not proven” verdict can affect people’s lives and why a clear distinction should be drawn between the guilty and the innocent. “Not proven” verdict is against the presumption of innocence and should not be used, because it indicates that somebody is guilty, even when they cannot be lawfully convicted.

You can read more about the case on Glasgow Live here: http://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/glasgow-teacher-fighting-clear-name-11908950


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