A juror’s story

A website called Falsely Accused of Historic Sexual Assault has published a story told by a former juror who was deciding a historic child abuse case. Even though the juror thought that hearing detailed evidence about such case would be tough, she soon realised that it was tougher to decide a case with no evidence apart from accuser’s testimony.

The story tells how hard it is to keep case details from your closest people as well as it shows emotional struggle between letting a paedophile go and convicting an innocent person.

The court hearings happened 8 years ago and the juror still thinks about the case every now and then. She also revealed that she would not know what to do if she or her family members would be accused under similar circumstances.

The defendant was sent to prison and from the story it looks like nobody really knows if he committed those crimes or no…

If you would like to see full story, you can access it here: http://www.falselyaccusedhsa.co.uk/a-juror


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