Hillsborough disaster and what we should remember about it

We have gone a long way since the infamous Hillsborough disaster. 96 people were killed. Victims’ friends and families were shocked and emotionally broken. But like that was not enough, the South Yorkshire police blamed the football supporters. But the people did not give up; they fought for the justice for their loved ones. They fought for 28 years and the day when we can see the distant end of this terrible nightmare has finally come. 6 people have been charged with offences including misconduct, preventing the course of justice and manslaughter. Is this the justice people deserve though? Is this something we should congratulate and regard as success? Whatever it is, it is definitely not a success for Hillsborough disaster’s victims due to the following 2 reasons. It is, however, a lesson we need to remember for the future.

Firstly, some people have avoided responsibility for 28 years; they have made successful careers and lived their happy lives free of consequences. Some of the others, however, remembered the events of the tragedy every time it appeared in the news, stating that the inquiry did not find anything new or that there would not be a new inquiry at all. For those people the memories are like a manageable illness, but they keep relapsing instead.

Secondly, such cover-ups cost huge amounts of money. How much do you think an inquest in such disasters cost? I do not know, but whatever the amount, we have to double it, as we had 2 inquests. Not to mention 3 reviewed applications to change the first inquest’s verdict, all official reports and money spent on legal aid for victims’ families for civil proceedings. All that money is now lost.

Although events regarding Grenfell Tower should not happen at all, the timing of the fire is promising, because we are now at the wake of Hillsborough’s inquest and its pending court proceedings. It is, therefore, possible that Grenfell Tower fire will be investigated properly and without an unnecessary delay. We should not remember either of these disasters as something positive, but we can remember Hillsborough as a lesson of the past and Grenfell Tower as a test to see whether the lesson has been learnt. Although they are terrible tragedies, they do bear some positive impact on the future.

After reading my own article again, it feels like it is filled with negativity, even though families of those who died in Hillsborough disaster may finally see some closure. This is a positive time for the whole UK, because a cover-up is exposed, no more money is being wasted and, most importantly, victims’ families will no longer have to fight for justice that should have been delivered straight away. A 28 years long miscarriage of justice is about to end.



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