Table of cases

In this page you can find a table containing a list of historic and ongoing miscarriage of justice cases where an innocent person was sent to prison. Please note that this is not an exhaustive and complete list and may not include all cases and details. The list does not provide cases that are considered as miscarriages of justice only by me, but instead, it contains cases that were regarded as miscarriages of justice by multiple sources.

Coming soon – cases where the offender was either not caught at all or was caught after exceptionally long time.


2 thoughts on “Table of cases

  1. Hello, my partner got wrongly convicted of a sex offence charge in August 2013 and got sentenced to 3 years after pleading not guilty. The reason he was convicted was for getting oral sex from a 15 year old girl without any evidence of the sexual activity. He also got convicted along with two other men, one of them also pleaded not guilty and the other pleaded guilty and informing that he was going to stay in a relationship with his underage partner no matter what happened in court. This was not a joint enterprise. The reason he got arrested in the first place was because the 15 years olds mother found a diary of hers and in the diary she wrote a lot about my partner that she dreamt of having sexual activity with him and her friend, that she fancied him and she wrote in one sentence that she had gave him oral sex. Her mum found her diary and she was forced to report it to the police. He was arrested for it in 2010 and he was on bail for two and a half years and he was sent down to prison in August 2013 with no evidence, no text messages, calls, social media messages, no evidence of contact whatsoever. He was released last year and was sent to a hostel on licence but was recalled back to prison because of pathetic licence conditions as he went for one drink with a friend and he failed his breath test. He was later making his way into probation where two police officers were ready to arrest him and take him to get recalled from the station. He got released again in January, some of his licence conditions were dropped like being at certain places and he got put in a hostel full of sex offenders and peadophiles which he hated as he got abused as a child but it was the only place with room, otherwise he would have had to stay in prison for hostel space elsewhere. However, his behaviour was respectful and polite towards staff, despite the stresses of not being able to see me as much because of sign in times. He was on home leave 5 days a week at his parents so we could stay together. He was in the hostel until April as we couldn’t find a place together because everywhere we found that accepted DSS needed to be PPU register. It was highly stressful. Now we live together and he is off licence. He keeps getting job opportunites turned down because of his offence which is highly stressful because of coping with little money to live on. He feels uncomfortable going to a public place where there are children present because of his offence, he has been left with severe PTSD and he has been diagnosed with Tourette’s disorder since being convicted. I think his conviction should be appealed because this has ruined his life and he won’t be able to move on until his conviction is squashed. He is ill with his PTSD and Tourette’s, he can’t be able to start a career, we can’t find a new place to live closer to my family because it has to be PPU registered, he can’t spend more than 12 hours with someone under the age of 18 which is horrible because when we finally start a family we will have social services involved which I don’t want because he is on the register for 10 years, he can apply to come off the register after 5 years on it, it’s also unfair this is gonna make it harder for him to get in touch with his daughters (4 and 9). I don’t think it would be fair for that judge and them in court to keep their career because I don’t want the same to happen to anybody else. The knock backs I see happening to my partner, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. The police are also giving out false information of my partner, they have sent out false information to some of his family members and told me a lot of disgusting allegations. I was already aware of his previous convictions from when he was younger as probation had informed me as it was a rule for him to tell me. I didn’t mention that the court would not let anyone be his defendant which I find highly unfair and his probation officer was willing to stand up in court for him as a defendant.


    • Hello!
      I am very sorry to hear about your partner. Please do not lose hope and keep fighting for justice. If you wish, you may contact me privately through the email provided in “About” page where we can discuss the case in more detail and think of possible ways to right it. Alternatively, I would like to advise you to seek help through the CCRC or one of the non-government innocence projects.


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