Hillsborough disaster and what we should remember about it

We have gone a long way since the infamous Hillsborough disaster. 96 people were killed. Victims’ friends and families were shocked and emotionally broken. But like that was not enough, the South Yorkshire police blamed the football supporters. But the people did not give up; they fought for the justice for their loved ones. They fought for 28 years and the day when we can see the distant end of this terrible nightmare has finally come. 6 people have been charged with offences including misconduct, preventing the course of justice and manslaughter. Is this the justice people deserve though? Is this something we should congratulate and regard as success? Whatever it is, it is definitely not a success for Hillsborough disaster’s victims due to the following 2 reasons. It is, however, a lesson we need to remember for the future. Continue reading


The Guildford Four files

Unfortunately the Government has refused to release more than 700 files relating to the Guildford Four case, BBC news has reported on the 5th of December. It is sad that people, who are still fighting 27 years after the Guildford Four were released, are denied possibly crucial documents for securing a more just and fair future. Continue reading